Did Kahoot Used to be Free | The Basic Things

Kahoot used to have a free version available to users. Kahoot, the popular online learning platform, initially offered a free version for users. This feature allowed teachers, students, and individuals to create and play educational quizzes in a virtual classroom setting without any cost. However, Kahoot has since then introduced premium plans that offer additional features and functionalities for a price. Despite this change, Kahoot’s free version remains accessible, providing users with the opportunity to engage in fun and interactive learning experiences. Kahoot’s free offering continues to make education enjoyable and accessible to a wide range of individuals, fostering engagement and knowledge retention.

Did Kahoot Used To Be Free,

Kahoot has changed its pricing structure, and it is no longer completely free. However, there is still a free plan available with limited features.

Did Kahoot Used To Be Free

Kahoot, the popular learning platform, has undergone several changes since its inception. In this section, we’ll look at the history of Kahoot’s pricing model and explore whether it used to be free or not.

The Evolution Of Kahoot’s Pricing:

    • Initially, when Kahoot was launched in 2013, it was indeed free for all users, including educators and students. This enabled easy accessibility to its interactive learning features.
    • As Kahoot gained popularity and expanded its offerings, including additional features and functionalities, the company introduced a premium version called Kahoot Plus. This paid subscription provided educators with more advanced tools and enhancements to enrich their Kahoot experience.
    • Kahoot Plus offers a wide range of benefits, such as the ability to save and reuse kahoots, access to detailed reports and analytics, and the option to remove advertising. It is primarily targeted towards educators, schools, and districts looking for more robust features.
    • While the introduction of Kahoot Plus meant that some features previously available for free became paid, Kahoot still provides a free version for individuals who want to engage in interactive learning without any additional cost.

Key Points To Consider:

    • Kahoot started as a free platform in 2013, but eventually introduced a premium subscription called Kahoot Plus to cater to the growing needs of educators.
    • Kahoot Plus offers advanced features and enhanced functionality for a subscription fee, while maintaining a free version for individuals.
    • Educators and students can still access Kahoot’s interactive learning platform without any charge, even though certain premium features are exclusively available to Kahoot Plus subscribers.
Kahoot did start off as a free platform, but over time, it introduced Kahoot Plus, a premium subscription that offers additional features and benefits to educators. However, Kahoot has maintained a free version to ensure accessibility for individuals who wish to engage in interactive learning. So, while some aspects of Kahoot may require a paid subscription, the platform continues to provide educational opportunities for users without any cost.

Is Kahoot Free Anymore?,

Kahoot used to be free, but it is not anymore.

Is Kahoot Free Anymore?

Kahoot, the popular online learning platform, has undergone some changes when it comes to its pricing structure. While Kahoot started as a free tool, there have been adjustments made to cater to different user needs. Let’s dive into the details:

Pricing Options For Kahoot:

    • Basic (Free) Plan:
    • Kahoot still offers a free, basic plan giving users access to essential features.
    • Creating, hosting, and sharing Kahoots remains free of charge.
    • The basic plan also allows for the inclusion of up to 10 players.
    • Kahoot Plus Plan:
    • For those requiring a more comprehensive experience, Kahoot offers the Kahoot Plus subscription plan.
    • This plan includes additional benefits, such as advanced question types, detailed reports, and the ability to collaborate on Kahoots.
    • With Kahoot Plus, you can further engage your audience with branding options and the ability to remove ads.
    • Kahoot Pro Plan:
    • For larger organizations or educators, the Kahoot Pro plan allows for even greater customization and control.
    • With the Pro plan, you gain access to features like custom game templates, team collaboration, and advanced analytics.

How To Choose The Right Plan:

Choosing the plan that aligns with your needs is crucial. Here are some factors to consider:
    • Audience Size:
    • If you have a small group, the basic plan might suffice.
    • For larger audiences or classrooms, upgrading to a paid plan could provide additional benefits.
    • Desired Features:
    • Evaluate your requirements and determine which features are essential for your interactive learning experience.
    • Consider if the additional benefits offered by the Plus or Pro plans are necessary for your specific needs.

Final Thoughts:

While Kahoot started as a free tool, there are now various pricing options available to cater to different user requirements. Whether you opt for the free basic plan or choose to upgrade to the paid plans, Kahoot continues to offer a dynamic and engaging online learning platform. Remember, it’s essential to weigh the features and audience size to make the right decision for your educational endeavors. So, give Kahoot a try and discover the options that work best for you!

Is Kahoot 100% Free?,

Kahoot used to be 100% free, allowing users to enjoy all its features without any charges. However, it now offers a paid version for additional benefits and features.

Is Kahoot 100% Free?

Kahoot is a popular online learning platform that has gained immense popularity among students and educators alike. If you’re wondering whether Kahoot is 100% free, this section answers your question. Here’s the breakdown on Kahoot’s pricing and what features you can access for free:

Free Features Of Kahoot:

    • Basic access: Kahoot offers a free version that allows users to create, host, and play interactive quizzes and games. This access ensures that educators and students can engage in fun, gamified learning experiences without incurring any costs.
    • Public quizzes: With the free version of Kahoot, you can explore and use public quizzes created by other users in the Kahoot community. This opens up a vast library of educational content that can be utilized across various subjects and grade levels.

Subscription Options:

While Kahoot does provide free access to many valuable features, it also offers additional subscription options for users who require more advanced functionalities. Here are the available subscription plans:
    • Kahoot Plus: This plan caters primarily to educators and offers benefits such as the ability to collaborate on quizzes, get detailed reports, and access additional game options.
    • Kahoot Pro: Designed for businesses and organizations, this plan provides advanced branding options, such as adding a company logo and customizing game templates.
Both the Kahoot Plus and Kahoot Pro plans are available at a cost, with pricing details available on the Kahoot website.

The Verdict:

Kahoot offers significant value through its free features, enabling users to create and play quizzes without any financial commitment. However, for educators and businesses seeking more extensive customization and reporting capabilities, Kahoot’s subscription plans are a worthy consideration. Make the most of Kahoot’s free features while exploring the additional benefits offered by their subscription options, depending on your specific needs. Whether you decide to stick with the free version or opt for a paid plan, Kahoot remains an engaging and interactive platform for learning and assessment.

How Long Is Kahoot Free For?,

Kahoot used to be free, but now it offers both free and paid options. The length of time Kahoot remains free depends on the type of user and the features they require.

How Long Is Kahoot Free For?

Did you know that Kahoot, the popular game-based learning platform, offers a free version? Here’s a breakdown of how long you can enjoy Kahoot for free:
    • Free access: Kahoot provides free access to all its basic features, including the ability to create and play Kahoot games, as well as access to the public Kahoot gallery.
    • Timeframe: The free version of Kahoot is available indefinitely, allowing teachers, students, and anyone interested in interactive learning to use it without any time constraints.
    • Features: While Kahoot’s free version is robust, it’s important to note that some advanced features and additional benefits are only available through Kahoot’s premium subscription plans.
    • Premium plans: If you’re looking to unlock these premium features, Kahoot offers subscription plans tailored to specific needs. These plans include Kahoot Plus, Kahoot Pro, and Kahoot Premium. Each plan provides additional benefits such as more storage for Kahoot creations, advanced reports, branding customization, and access to integrations with other educational tools.
    • Pricing: The premium plans come with varying pricing structures depending on the duration and number of users. You can find the specific pricing details on Kahoot’s official website.
    • Free version forever: It’s worth highlighting that the free version of Kahoot will always be available as an option, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of gamified learning without any financial commitment.
Kahoot offers a free version that allows unlimited access to basic features, making it an excellent choice for teachers, students, and enthusiasts alike. While premium plans provide additional functionalities, you can continue using Kahoot for free indefinitely. So why wait? Dive into the world of interactive learning with Kahoot!

What Is A Free App Like Kahoot?,

Kahoot, a popular interactive learning platform, used to offer a free version. However, if you’re looking for a similar app that is still free to use, there are alternatives like Quizizz or Socrative available. These apps provide engaging quizzes and educational games for both students and teachers. Did you know that Kahoot used to be free? If you’re looking for a similar app that won’t cost you a dime, you’re in luck! There are several free alternatives to Kahoot that offer interactive and engaging features. In this section, we’ll explore what makes these apps stand out and how they can enhance your learning or entertainment experience.

What Is A Free App Like Kahoot?

    • Quizizz: This popular app provides a fun way to learn and assess knowledge. It offers a wide range of pre-made quizzes or the option to create your own. With features like memes and leaderboards, Quizizz brings a competitive element to the learning process.
    • Plickers: If you’re searching for a low-tech alternative, Plickers is an excellent choice. This app uses printable cards that students can hold up to submit their answers. The teacher then scans the room with a smartphone, and the app instantly collects and displays the responses.
    • Gimkit: With its game-like interface, Gimkit aims to make learning more enjoyable and interactive. It allows users to create customizable quizzes with various question types. Students can earn and invest virtual money in power-ups, adding a gamification aspect to the learning experience.
    • Mentimeter: If you’re looking for a presentation tool with live audience interaction, Mentimeter is worth considering. It allows you to create engaging polls, quizzes, and word clouds that participants can respond to using their smartphones. The real-time results are then displayed on the screen, making presentations more interactive and dynamic.
    • Socrative: Socrative is an app that enables educators to create quizzes, games, and assessments in real-time. Students can respond to questions using any internet-connected device, making it a flexible and accessible option for both in-classroom and remote learning.
There are several free apps out there that can be great alternatives to Kahoot. Whether you’re a student looking for an engaging way to learn, or a teacher wanting to enhance classroom interaction, these apps provide exciting features that can make the learning process more enjoyable and effective. Give them a try and see which one suits your needs best!

Did Kahoot Used To Be Free For Students,

Kahoot used to offer free access for students. However, paid plans have been introduced providing additional features for a more enhanced learning experience.

Did Kahoot Used To Be Free For Students?

Kahoot, the popular interactive learning platform, has undergone several changes since its inception. In this section, we will explore whether Kahoot used to be free for students. Let’s dive in and find out:

The Evolution Of Kahoot Pricing:

    • Initially, Kahoot offered a free basic version for educators and students to create and participate in educational quizzes.
    • As the platform gained popularity, Kahoot introduced a premium version called Kahoot! Plus, which came with additional features and benefits.
    • Kahoot! Plus subscription provided educators with advanced question types, the ability to brand quizzes with custom themes, and detailed reports on student performance.
    • However, students continued to have free access to the basic version of Kahoot, allowing them to engage in fun and interactive learning activities without any cost.
    • Kahoot! Plus subscription was primarily aimed at empowering educators with enhanced features and tools to optimize the learning experience.

Recent Updates:

    • In recent years, Kahoot expanded its offerings and introduced Kahoot! Pro and Kahoot! Pro+ subscriptions, specially designed for businesses and organizations.
    • These paid plans provide additional features and functionalities for corporations to leverage Kahoot as a dynamic training tool.
    • Despite these updates, Kahoot has remained committed to its core mission of making learning awesome and accessible for everyone, with a free version available for students.

Kahoot has undoubtedly evolved its pricing structure over time, introducing paid plans specially catered to businesses while still maintaining a free version accessible to students. By doing so, Kahoot strikes a balance between generating revenue and ensuring that their platform remains accessible to educators and students worldwide. So, while some paid options exist, rest assured that students can continue to enjoy the benefits of Kahoot without any charge. To recap, Kahoot has expanded its pricing options to include paid subscriptions for businesses while keeping a free basic version available for students to engage in interactive learning.

What Is The Limit For Kahoot For Students?,

Kahoot used to offer a free plan for students with limited features, but there may now be restrictions on the number of players and quizzes allowed in the free version.

What Is The Limit For Kahoot For Students?

Kahoot is a popular platform that provides interactive learning experiences for students. While it offers many features and options, there are certain limitations to keep in mind. Here’s a breakdown of the limits for Kahoot when it comes to students:
    • Number of participants: Kahoot allows up to 2,000 participants in a live game session. This means that teachers can engage a large number of students at once, making it suitable for both small and large classrooms.
    • Number of players per team: In a team-based game, Kahoot allows a maximum of 5 players per team. This encourages collaboration and teamwork among students, fostering an interactive and engaging learning environment.
    • Number of questions: For each game created on Kahoot, you can add up to 100 questions. This gives teachers the flexibility to cover a wide range of topics or create in-depth assessments for their students.
    • Time limit per question: Kahoot sets a default time limit of 20 seconds per question. However, this can be adjusted based on the needs of the teacher and the complexity of the question. The time limit adds an element of excitement and encourages quick thinking among students.
    • Accessibility for individuals with disabilities: Kahoot strives to be inclusive and accessible to all learners. The platform provides various accessibility features, such as screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, and color contrast options, ensuring that students with disabilities can fully participate and learn.
    • Availability: Kahoot is available across multiple devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. This enables students to access Kahoot from any device with internet connectivity, promoting flexibility and convenience in their learning experience.
By being aware of these limitations, teachers can effectively utilize Kahoot to enhance student engagement and foster a dynamic learning environment. Whether it’s conducting quizzes, surveys, or discussions, Kahoot offers a versatile platform for educators to create interactive learning experiences for their students.

Can Students Use Kahoot?,

Yes, students can use Kahoot. However, it’s important to note that Kahoot used to offer a free version.

Can Students Use Kahoot?

Kahoot is an interactive learning platform that offers a range of educational quizzes and games. Students can definitely use Kahoot to enhance their learning experience in a fun and engaging way. Here are some key points to consider:
    • Engaging learning experience: Kahoot provides a gamified approach to learning, making it more exciting and enjoyable for students.
    • Accessible on various devices: Students can easily access Kahoot quizzes and games on their smartphones, tablets, or computers, allowing for flexibility in their learning environment.
    • In-classroom use: Teachers can create Kahoot quizzes to use in the classroom, promoting student participation and encouraging active learning.
    • Remote learning: Kahoot also proves to be useful for remote learning scenarios, as students can join in from any location and actively participate in quizzes and games.
    • Individual progress tracking: Kahoot offers individual performance tracking, allowing students to monitor their progress and identify areas for improvement.
    • Collaborative learning: Kahoot can be used for group activities, encouraging collaboration and teamwork among students.
    • Safe online environment: The platform ensures a safe environment for students by prioritizing privacy and complying with educational regulations.
Students can definitely make use of Kahoot as a valuable tool for interactive learning, both inside and outside the classroom. Its engaging and user-friendly features promote active participation, making the learning process more enjoyable and fruitful.

Is Kahoot Free For Teachers,

Kahoot is available for free to teachers, allowing them to create engaging quizzes and interactive learning experiences for their students. This powerful platform offers a range of educational features at no cost, making it a valuable resource for educators.

Is Kahoot Free For Teachers?

Teachers are always looking for innovative ways to make learning fun and engaging for their students. Fortunately, Kahoot, the popular online learning platform, offers a variety of features that can be utilized by educators. But the burning question remains: is Kahoot free for teachers? Let’s explore the different aspects of Kahoot’s pricing and features in detail.

Features Of Kahoot For Teachers:

Kahoot provides an array of tools and functionalities that cater specifically to teachers’ needs. Here are some key features:
    • Create and share quizzes: Teachers can create custom quizzes on any topic and easily share them with students. This feature allows educators to assess students’ knowledge and understanding effectively.
    • Engaging game-based learning: Kahoot’s game-based learning format adds an element of fun to educational activities. Teachers can create interactive and competitive games to motivate students and enhance their learning experience.
    • Monitor student progress: Kahoot enables teachers to track students’ progress and performance. It provides comprehensive reports that help educators identify areas of improvement and tailor their teaching accordingly.
    • Collaborative learning: Kahoot facilitates collaborative learning by allowing teachers to create collaborative challenges. Students can work together in teams, fostering teamwork and cooperation.
    • Access to millions of pre-made quizzes: Kahoot’s vast library of pre-made quizzes offers teachers a wide range of resources that can be used instantly in the classroom.

Pricing Options For Teachers:

While Kahoot offers a free version, it also provides premium options with additional features. Here are the pricing options available for teachers:
    • Free plan: The free plan, although limited in features, still provides access to basic quiz creation and sharing capabilities. It allows teachers to engage their students without any cost.
    • Kahoot Plus: Teachers can upgrade to Kahoot Plus at a cost of $9.95 per month. This plan offers additional features like advanced reports, the ability to save and reuse quizzes, and the option to remove ads.
    • Kahoot Pro: Aimed at power users, Kahoot Pro costs $19 per month and includes all the features of Kahoot Plus, along with the ability to brand quizzes with custom colors and logos. It also provides priority support for any assistance required.

Final Thoughts:

While Kahoot offers a free version that allows teachers to access basic features, upgrading to Kahoot Plus or Pro offers an enhanced experience with additional functionalities. However, teachers can still leverage Kahoot’s free version to create engaging quizzes and promote interactive learning in their classrooms. Whether you choose the free or premium options, Kahoot remains a valuable tool for teachers seeking to make learning more fun and interactive for their students. So go ahead, explore Kahoot’s features, and unleash the full potential of game-based learning in your classroom!

Is Kahoot Free For Personal Use,

Kahoot used to be free for personal use, making it accessible for individuals to create and play educational quizzes. However, it is important to note that there may be certain features or options that require a subscription or payment.

Is Kahoot Free For Personal Use?

Kahoot is a popular platform that offers engaging and interactive learning experiences. One frequently asked question is whether Kahoot is free for personal use. Let’s explore this topic further:
    • #### Free Basic Plan:
    • Kahoot does indeed offer a free basic plan that allows individuals to create and host their own interactive quizzes, presentations, and learning games. It is a great option for personal use, whether you’re a teacher, student, or simply someone who wants to have fun and challenge their knowledge.
    • The free plan provides access to essential features, such as creating quizzes and playing them with friends or family members.
    • With the free basic plan, you can create and save up to 20 Kahoots, making it suitable for personal use.
    • #### Premium Plans for More Advanced Features:
    • Kahoot also offers premium plans for those who require additional functionality and more extensive use.
    • The premium plans, such as Kahoot! Plus and Kahoot! Pro, provide benefits like access to advanced features, collaboration options, and in-depth analytics.
    • While the premium plans are more geared towards businesses, educational institutions, and organizations, individuals can also choose these plans if they need the extra features for personal projects or tutoring purposes.
    • #### Additional Offerings:
    • Aside from the basic and premium plans, Kahoot offers additional products such as Kahoot! At Work for corporate training and Kahoot! For school administrators.
    • These offerings cater to different needs and may not be necessary for personal use, but they provide a glimpse into the wider range of services Kahoot offers.
Kahoot does provide a free basic plan that is suitable for personal use. This grants individuals the ability to create, save, and play their own interactive quizzes and games. However, for those seeking more advanced features and functionality, premium plans are available. With these choices, users can find the perfect fit for their personal or professional requirements. So, go ahead and start exploring the exciting world of Kahoot!

Can More Than 10 People Play Kahoot For Free?,

With Kahoot, more than 10 people can play for free, making it an accessible platform for large groups. Discover the world of interactive learning and engagement with Kahoot’s free plan.

Can More Than 10 People Play Kahoot For Free?

Pondering on whether you can enjoy the excitement of Kahoot with your large group of friends without spending a dime? Let’s uncover the truth behind playing Kahoot with more than 10 people for free:

Possibilities To Play Kahoot With More Than 10 People:

    • Collaborative mode: Kahoot offers a “Team Mode” that allows you to team up with other players to compete against another team. This means you can have multiple players on a team, which enables you to involve more than 10 people in the game.
    • Using additional devices: While Kahoot itself limits the number of players to 10 for free, you can overcome this limitation by connecting multiple devices to the game. Each device can be used by a different player, maximizing the number of participants in your Kahoot session.
    • Alternatives to Kahoot’s free plan: Kahoot also provides paid plans, such as Kahoot! Plus and Kahoot! Pro, which offer features like hosting games with larger audiences. If you find yourself frequently organizing Kahoot sessions with a significant number of players, upgrading to a paid plan might be a suitable option for you.
Keep in mind that while the options above allow you to play Kahoot with more than 10 people, the experience might not be as seamless as playing with a smaller group. However, with some creative strategies and teamwork, you can still have a blast with a large crowd. Whether you choose to leverage Kahoot’s collaborative mode, utilize additional devices, or explore their paid plans, rest assured that Kahoot offers possibilities beyond the 10-player limit. So gather your friends, create a lively atmosphere, and let the Kahoot fun begin!

Does Free Kahoot Have A Question Limit?,

Yes, Kahoot used to be free, but as of 2021, it has introduced a premium version called Kahoot! Plus. The free version of Kahoot! Is limited to 2,000 players per game and 20 questions per quiz.

Does Free Kahoot Have A Question Limit?

Kahoot, the popular online learning platform, has become a go-to tool for educators and students alike. With its interactive and engaging features, Kahoot has revolutionized traditional learning methods. But does the free version of Kahoot have a question limit? Let’s find out!

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Questions In Free Kahoot?

When it comes to the free version of Kahoot, there are some limitations to keep in mind. Here’s what you need to know:
    • Free Kahoot accounts allow users to create and host games with up to 10 multiple-choice questions per game.
    • Each question can have a maximum of four answer options.
    • The free version also limits the number of participants to 50 per game session.
    • Additionally, there is a time limit of 2 minutes and 30 seconds per question in the free version.
It’s important to note that the free version of Kahoot provides a great foundation for engaging quizzes and learning activities, especially for small to medium-sized classrooms or groups. However, if you require more advanced features and capabilities, you may consider upgrading to Kahoot’s premium offerings.

Premium Kahoot Options For More Questions And Customization

If you need more than 10 questions or additional features, Kahoot offers premium plans that provide expanded options. Here’s what you can access with the premium version:
    • With Kahoot Plus, you can create and host games with up to 20 questions per session.
    • Kahoot Pro allows even more customization options, with up to 100 questions per game session and the ability to add images and videos to questions.
    • For larger organizations or school districts, Kahoot Premium for schools and districts provides unlimited question and answer options, along with administrative features for managing multiple accounts.
Choosing a premium plan allows you to unlock the full potential of Kahoot, tailoring it to your specific needs and ensuring a seamless learning experience for both educators and students. While free Kahoot has a question limit of 10 questions per game, upgrading to a premium plan opens up a wide range of possibilities for customization, additional questions, and enhanced features. Whether you stick with the free version or opt for premium options, Kahoot continues to be an invaluable tool in creating interactive and engaging learning environments.

How Long Is Kahoot Free For?,

Kahoot used to have a free version available, but now they offer a paid subscription plan called Kahoot! Plus. The free version is still available, but with limited features and options.

Did Kahoot Used To Be Free: How Long Is Kahoot Free For?

Kahoot, the popular learning platform, has become an essential tool for educators and students alike. Many wonder if Kahoot was always a paid platform or if it used to be free. Here, we’ll explore how long Kahoot was available for free and the benefits of its free version.

Free Features Of Kahoot:

    • Kahoot offered a free version that allowed users to create and host engaging quizzes, surveys, and discussions.
    • Users could access a library of millions of ready-to-use games shared by other educators and trainers.
    • The free version allowed for live multiplayer games, making learning interactive and exciting.
    • Educators and students could join Kahoot sessions remotely, enabling distance learning and enhancing collaboration.
    • Free users had the ability to share their games with others, fostering a community of knowledge sharing.

Limitations Of The Free Version:

    • The free version of Kahoot had some limitations in terms of customization options and access to premium features.
    • Free users could only create public kahoots, which were visible to everyone on Kahoot’s platform.
    • Advanced features, such as detailed reports and analytics, were only available to premium subscribers.
    • While free users had access to millions of existing games, they couldn’t remove the Kahoot logo from their games.

Duration Of Kahoot’s Free Availability:

    • Kahoot offered its services for free from its inception until September 2016.
    • After September 2016, Kahoot introduced a premium subscription called Kahoot Plus, which expanded the platform’s capabilities.
    • Users who preferred the free version could continue using it, but with the aforementioned limitations.

Kahoot’s journey from a fully free platform to the introduction of a premium subscription model allowed for greater development and customization options. While the free version provided a wealth of features and opportunities for learning, the premium subscription offered additional benefits to those who required more advanced functionalities. Whether free or paid, Kahoot remains a valuable tool for educators and students worldwide.

Kahoot Free Version How Many Players,

The free version of Kahoot allows up to 50 players to participate in a game.

Kahoot Free Version: How Many Players

If you’ve ever wondered about the player capacity of the free version of Kahoot, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the number of players allowed in the free version of Kahoot:
    • The free version of Kahoot permits up to 50 players. This means that you can easily engage a sizeable group of individuals in your interactive Kahoot quiz or game session.
    • With a limit of 50 players, you can host engaging and informative sessions for your classroom, team, or event without worrying about exceeding the player capacity.
    • This player capacity is ideal for smaller groups or personal use, providing an opportunity for effective participation and active learning.
    • Whether you’re organizing a fun trivia night with friends or conducting a quiz in the classroom, the free version of Kahoot allows you to incorporate a significant number of players.
    • Furthermore, the platform’s user-friendly interface ensures that participants can easily join and participate in the Kahoot session seamlessly.
The free version of Kahoot caters to your interactive learning and entertainment needs by allowing up to 50 players to join your sessions. With this capacity, you can foster engagement, foster collaboration, and create an enjoyable experience for all participants. So gather your group and dive into the world of Kahoot without worrying about the player limit.

Frequently Asked Questions For Did Kahoot Used To Be Free

Is Kahoot Free Anymore?

Yes, Kahoot is still free to use.

How Long Is Kahoot Free For?

Kahoot is free for an unlimited amount of time.

How Many Kahoot Questions Can You Make For Free?

You can create an unlimited number of Kahoot questions for free.

How Do You Make A Kahoot Game For Free?

To make a Kahoot game for free, visit the Kahoot website and sign up for an account. Then, click on the “Create” button and follow the prompts to customize your game. Add questions, answer options, and multimedia if desired. Finally, save and launch your game for others to play.

Is Kahoot Still Free To Use?

Yes, Kahoot offers a free version that allows users to create and host interactive quizzes.

Are There Any Limitations With The Free Version Of Kahoot?

The free version of Kahoot has some limitations, such as the number of players allowed in a game and limited access to advanced features.

Can I Upgrade To A Premium Version Of Kahoot?

Yes, Kahoot offers a premium version called Kahoot! Plus, which provides additional features and benefits for a subscription fee.

What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading To Kahoot! Plus?

Upgrading to Kahoot! Plus gives you access to features like detailed reports, branding customization, and the ability to host games with more players.

How Much Does The Premium Version Of Kahoot Cost?

The cost of Kahoot! Plus depends on the subscription plan you choose. Visit Kahoot’s website for pricing details.

Are There Any Discounts Available For Educational Institutions?

Yes, Kahoot offers special pricing options for educational institutions. Contact their sales team for more information.


Kahoot’s transition from a free platform to a freemium model has provided users with additional features and benefits. While the introduction of paid subscriptions may have changed the accessibility of certain features, the platform continues to offer a valuable and engaging learning experience. With its user-friendly interface and customization options, Kahoot remains a popular choice among educators and students alike.
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