Is Kahoot no Longer Free? Do you Know?

Yes, Kahoot is no longer completely free. Now, let’s delve into the details. Kahoot, a popular online learning platform, has made changes to its pricing model recently. While the basic features are still available for free, certain advanced functionalities and additional services are now offered through paid subscription plans. This means that users may need … Read more

Is Kahoot Good for Learning?

Yes, Kahoot is good for learning due to its interactive and engaging nature that enhances student participation. Kahoot is an online learning platform that offers a fun and interactive way for students to learn and acquire knowledge. It is particularly effective because it fosters active engagement, allowing students to actively participate in quizzes, discussions, and … Read more

What are the Disadvantages of Quiz Games?

The disadvantages of quiz games include potential dependency and limited real-world application usefulness. Quiz games can become addictive and time-consuming for individuals, leading to neglect of other important activities. Additionally, while they improve knowledge in specific areas, quiz games often fail to foster critical thinking skills or knowledge retention that can be applied beyond the … Read more